Rain8upb - UBP Sprinkler Controller for 8 to 2000 valves

The Rain8upb is a modular 8-zone sprinkler controller module that can be an integral component of any UPB installation. It is capable of driving standard 24VAC irrigation valves directly.

The master module (shown to the right) is the first 8-zone module in a UPB installation and the only one that connects directly to a PIM and a 24VAC transformer. Additional modules may be daisy chained for those large installations.

  • Turn on or off each zone individually
  • Turn off all zones on all modules
  • Get the current status of any zone
  • Optional default run timer for each zone to prevent over watering

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Three Rain8UPB modules (24 zones) in mounting rack, connected to UPB PIM and transformer.

There is a single RS232 connection between the UPB PIM and the Master Rain8.

The 24VAC power and network communications are transferred from master to slave-to-slave etc.

The network connection for the slave units is an 8 conductor RJ45. Each slave has a pair of these modular jacks to pass on data and power to the next one in a daisy chain. Each slave also has a RS232 connection that is used only to assign the address and setup default run timers during the initial configuration.

Software Control Options

These solutions require a PC running at all times irrigation is scheduled.

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Order this item for your first 8 zones. Includes a 24VAC 20VA transformer and RS232 cable, everything you need, except for the PIM (available below) to add sprinkler control to your UPB system. $151.00
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Order this item for expanding a Rain8upbG2 installation by 8 zone increments. Includes a 10004 network cable. Everything you need for adding 8 more zones. $134.70
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Rain8 Accessories


Replacement 24VAC transformer for all Rain8 controllers
Rated at 20VA (800ma)
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Replacement terminal strip for all Rain8 products
12 position, plug in type
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Replacement UPB cable assembly with DB9 adapters
10013 & 40015
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Specs and Downloads

Here are the detailed specifications.

configuration software for both G2 and Pro versions
With this software it is necessary to power down after connecting the serial cable and starting the software, then power up.
Rain8upb protocol, link & direct mode both supported