Rain8net - Computer Sprinkler Controller for 8 to over 2000 valves

The Rain8net is a modular 8-zone sprinkler controller module that can be controlled over the Internet by any computer or other control device. It is capable of driving standard 24VAC irrigation valves directly.

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Additional modules may be daisy chained to provide control and 24 VAC power to as many as 2040 irrigation zones from a single COM or USB port.
  • Turn on or off each of the zone individually
  • Turn off all zones on a specific module
  • Turn off all zones on all modules
  • Get the current status of all zones
  • Default run timer for each zone to prevent over watering

The Rain8net requires a computer (or other automation device) running to control all scheduled irrigation.
Three modules, 24 zones

Master module:
There is a hardwired, RS232 connection between the PC or other controlling device and the "master" Rain8net. This link for normal control requires only 3 wires: TX, RX and GND. The RJ11 jack of the left hand side is used for this control function as well as the initial configuration.

Expansion module(s):
Used to expand a system in 8 zone increments. In this case the left hand RS232 RJ11 jack is used only for the initial configuration. The two RJ45 jacks on the right hand side of both the master and expansion modules are used only for connections between modules. The 8 conductor cable carries 24VAC power and the necessary data links.

Software Based Control Options

Hardware base Control Options

Here the Rain8net does not connect to a computer but to a general purpose home automation system.


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master Rain8net+

master Rain8net+ kit for first 8 zones
Order this item for your first 8 zones. Includes 24VAC 20VA transformer and a 10' RS232 cable, everything you need to get started.
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expansion Rain8net+

expansion Rain8net+ kit
Order this item for expanding a Rain8net+ installation by 8 zone increments. Includes a 10004 network cable. Everything you need for adding 8 more zones.
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Rain8 Accessories


Replacement 24VAC transformer for all Rain8 controllers
Rated at 20VA (800ma)
maximum of 2 valves on at a time
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Replacement DB9 to RJ11 cable assembly
DB9 adapter and 6 conductor modular cable
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Replacement terminal strip for all Rain8 products
12 position, plug in type
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Specs and Downloads

Here are the detailed specifications.

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Rain8net protocol
Rain8net Configuration program
Rain8net Demo program
Rain8 installation instructions
Rain8 step by step instructions

Other Irrigation Controllers

In addition to the Rain8net, we have wireless irrigation controllers that use X10 and UPB power line technology to remotely control your sprinkler systems . Ideal if you cannot easily connect a RS232 cable from your computer to where your sprinkler controller needs to be located.