Rain8 - X10 Sprinkler Controller

The X10 Rain8 can now be configured without the need of a computer!

The Rain8 is a full featured, 8 zone irrigation controller that may be linked together to provide a maximum of 256 zones of operation. A must for automating lawn sprinkler systems.

The X10 Rain8 requires the use of a home automation program (or any X10 control device) to generate X10 power line carrier signals to start and stop each zone. The actual timing controls, are located in the controlling device. This provides an easy means of adjusting run times for seasonal irrigation changes. As a safeguard, the user can set the maximum "valve on" time for each zone anywhere from 1 second to 250 minutes. This guarantees that the sprinkler valve will turn off even in the absence of an X10 OFF command. As each sprinkler valve has its own default setting, this guarantees a minimum of wasted water in the advent of a lost X10 signal. More info...

16 zone wiring example

Requirements and Specs

Here are the detailed specs for the Rain8.

Here are some Sample Installations

With the 2-way capability, you can determine which irrigation zones are on and which are off. Designed for use with X10-compatible computer interfaces and other devices that can generate the X10 Status Request command. In addition to giving you the power to poll irrigation zones to determine their on/off status, it also allows your computer send a command to the module then check to see if the command was carried out. If not, the computer can automatically send the command again.

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initial 8 zones

One Rain8II 2-way X10 sprinkler controller, high current 24v AC 20VA transformer, RS232 cable, modular cable

Order this model for your first 8 zones.

Required XTB523, PSC05, TW523 or 1132b Powerlink X10 power line interface is not included.

If you do not already have one of above, please verify that you can purchase one as they are in short supply as of 6/15/12.
Here is the link for the XTB523
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expansion kit
One Rain8II X10 sprinkler controller and modular cable.

Order this model to expand 8 more zones.

You will need to order a splitter (80069 below) if you desire to share a PSC05 power line interface and do not already have one.
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Rain8 Accessories


5 for 1 splitter, PSC05 RJ11 version
Use this modular splitter to drive up to 5 modules (40 zones) with a single PSC05 (TW523).
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Rain8 Configuration Software

This is the required software for configuring your Rain8 modules with the desired settings like X10 addresses, default run times and operational modes. In most cases it is needed only during the initial installation and setup.

Windows Two-way Rain8II configuration program
Windows One-way Rain8 (not in production) configuration program
Macintosh (OS X & OS 9) Configuration software for both one and two way Rain8 modules
Contributed by Doug Norton [dougnorton@mac.com]
Linux software for Rain8. Requires GTK 2.0.
Contributed by Sean Maloney