Rain8 Frequently Asked Questions

My city just went to watering restrictions. How can I set up my Rain8s to comply with this ordinance?

MCS Smart Irrigation Software for the Rain8 controllers has all of the features you would need to not only meet watering restriction, but also save water based on weather forecasts and weather data is converted into an evapotranspiration value, or ET as it is commonly called, a measure of how much water has been used by both the plant and the soil combined.

Why should I pay a hundred bucks for a sprinkler controller, when I can buy one for forty at my local hardware store?

Programming a conventional sprinkler controller brings back memories for some of us of our first VCR. In fact, there are people I know that have given up completely on making any changes to their sprinkler controller. They leave it in the hands of their gardener. The programming difficulties are proportional to complexity of the sprinkler controller. Going back to the early VCR's, they did not use the television screen for feedback to the user. This is the current state of conventional sprinkler controllers. Some of the units on the market are equipped with LCD displays, but they do not offer the ability to display vital feedback and information that you get with a PC monitor. Some advantages of using a Rain8 include:

  • Program your schedule and zone run times with your PC or remotely over the Internet
  • Complex schedules a snap to program
  • Easy to use and inexpensive Palm Pad creates a wireless system
  • Qualifying events easy to configure

! If my Rain8 loses power does it lose it's programming?

No, the programming data is stored in non-volatile memory (eeprom).