Customer Comments

Not often does someone take the time to commend you for something you did right, all you usually hear is whats wrong.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the W800RF32A. Its a product whose time has come and I am thrilled with its operation.

I am a beta tester on Home Control Assistant team as well as being a professional Home Automation Reseller/Installer. The integration of the W800 with HCA makes my life easier and automation systems MUCH easier and less complicated. Thank you for designing and building it. I will never again install an automation system under PC control that does not use your product and I will recommend it whenever I can.

Congratulations on a job well done from a very happy customer.

Steve Cox

Stephen L. Cox Pres/CEO
Live Systems Automation LLC..
Lincoln, NE. Lake Ozark MO.
402-730-4190 573-434-1416

I use an RK01 keyfob transmitter. I had previously considered it useless, as the range to a TM751 was only about 20 feet. I now have good range all over the house and a large radius outside. And this with the antenna still sitting in my entryway on the floor. I can't wait to place it in the attic. My recommendation is now that if you're going to use wireless at all, get this receiver. Just completely forget the TM751 and it's ilk. This thing rocks and the others suck.


Before I had the W800, I used six X10 transceivers to cover three house codes, even then signal reception from the master bedroom was spotty. The W800 receives signals from all over the house without any other device's assistance.

Scott McWilliams

The W800 is in place and works as advertised (maybe better). The unit is installed in my basement and works from everywhere in my house and my yard. Now when I read about guys fiddling with their MR-26A's to get reception I'm just amused, the W800 is so much superior -- unless you like to fiddle I guess. Set up of the hardware and software took less than 30 minutes, I suspect my 9 year old niece could have done it too. Thank you (and Mr. Ort) for developing such a useful piece of equipment...

Dave Cameron

Holy Crap!! This thing is AWESOME!!! I am rare to post on top of posts regarding stroking a manufacturer's ego, but WOW!! I am thoroughly impressed with this device. TM751's are a joke by comparison. I have the unit installed at the peak of my roof, in the attic. The tw523 and power supply are plugged into the same outlet with no problems. With this config I've been able to get signal from the backyard, OF MY NEIGHBORS HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET! I can't go on enough about this one. Take my advice, SELL ALL YOUR TM751'S AND GET ONE OF THESE UNITS. GO BUY ONE NOW!!!


I'm amazed with the range I get with mine... at least four times the distance with a Palm Pad. I pretty much gave up on using palm pads in my place. They rarely worked even from the next room with the MR26A. The first thing I did after plugging in my W800 was to walk outside, out to the middle of the street. I was still able to control lights at that distance with the Palm Pad! I was so happy that I didn't keep going to see what the max distance was. And the reaction seems much faster too. Almost instantaneous.


The one thing I must say again with utmost certainty...if you are going to do rf controlled X-10...this device is a must in my book. I had several TM751s and was simply disgusted with the constant lockups, non-smooth light dimming and erratic operation. The V572 makes x10 rf work very well. Best 50 bucks I have spent thus far in my home automation endeavors.

Kip D. Litsey

Just wanted to say thanks, I just installed my W800RF32A, and the range is much greater than my old MR26A. I can now relax in the pool and flash the kitchen lights to tell my wife to bring me another beer. (still working on that final step)


I have a 3 story 6000 square foot multi level home. The MR-26A, modified with a radio shack antenna and booster worked pretty well. I hooked up your device to the same booster antenna and WOW coverage everywhere! Lost 6 receivers (my wife hates those little boxes) and it is more reliable.

Chas Fox

I just got my W800RF32A today and have it installed with Homeseer. I gotta tell you, I'm IMPRESSED! Before, my Palm Pad would be lucky to be noticed one room away from my MR26A. I just walked outside the house all the way to the street and was still able to control the lights in my house with the W800RF32A! Great job, guys!

Mike Janke

W800RF32A works for me! As a frustrated RF x10 user I have been looking for a real RF solution for my x10 environment. Configuring the unit is simple. I mounted the antenna in the attic centered in the house. Connected it to my computer. Walked across the street, about 100’, and turned on/off my front door lights.

Pat Achterberg

WRF800RF worked best for me. I am a technician that works with RF and I have access to all types of cool test equipment. I have an MR26A that had very poor range (25ft) even after adjusting the tuning slug, so I .... ordered a W800RF32 and hooked it up. I am now able to cover my entire house. I can use a palm pad controller from the alley about 150 feet.


Just wanted to write to say a big "Thanks" for the V572A. Incredible range... I installed it in our barn I'm finishing which is approx 500 ft from our house. I can turn on & off lights with our old X10 keychain remotes or keypad controller from inside the house with no problems at all. I was hoping for 200 or so foot range so this was a very pleasant surprise. It's not often that a product outperforms the specs advertised!

Frank Harrington

My W800RF32a gives me full access to my home with a keyfob while the mr26a only let me get about twenty feet away. everything works with out added passive antennas now even the stick switches.

Jim R

I received the V572CM, and plugged it in almost immediately after removing it from the package. With no setup or adjustment, it worked perfectly! I had expected that I would have to spend $100-200 or spend hours building my own device to be able to use all the X-10 house codes. I am glad that I found your product!!

Arthur J. Byrnes

No area uncovered in my installation - all three floors and garage are covered, as well as the front yard and driveway. Using only the supplied whip antenna - and no repeater. I'm a happy camper!

Ed K.

Easily double distance (and reads security devices, too).I purchased the WGL-800, installed Jon's plugin, and can now receive with a credit card remote (not a palmpad) 2 driveways away.


I know that the range on my W800RF32 with external antenna is at least 2X my tuned MR26with its external antenna, amplifier etc..

John Sievert

subject: I am amazed!!! My X10 Motion sensors are now working 99.9% reliable... That was never the case before - it got so bad that I disabled them in the past... Also all my slimline wallswitches (office-desk, bathtub, etc.) are working almost 100%. I am a very very happy customer!


I ordered the W80032RF, got it yesterday and it took me a grand total of 1/2 hour to install it including running the coax cable and antenna remotely! It is super sensitive and even with the antenna in my basement it picks up a little 2 button keychain remote from anywhere in my house!


It worked as advertised, just that easy. WOW, almost sounds Apple-esque (is that a word?). Thanks for the great work.

Cecil Jones

I received my w800rf32 and external antenna today and the first test results are very good. I can use my stick-a-switches with out the passive repeaters from all the locations I have tried so far.

Jim R

I'm ready to vote... IMHO this is a very improved unit and is outperforming my MR26A.

Gene Rhodes

I'm also a very happy camper with the W800RF32. Got it yesterday, took 1/2 hour to install and it picks up from all over my home. A big thumbs up from me! Now I'm off to integrate one of my old palmpads with WinAmp!

George Photakis

I just got the WGL one - with the antenna that can be mounted 12' away from the electronics - love it! The WGL is in the basement and I get good reception of signals sent from all over the 2nd floor. I do not have any experience with the MR26A to compare it to. ... if you were looking for confirmation that the WGL unit works well, then I can provide that!


I finally sprang for the W800 to try and get some motion sensors that my MR26A (with the cross antenna) didn't seem to pick up reliably. The W800 with the same antenna is pretty incredible. I can't even say for sure how far it works (just hope no one with-in 100 yards of our house decides to start using X10!). Thanks!


I just received the W800RF32 with the external antenna. ... There is simply no comparison to the performance of this device with the external antenna and the MR26. I live in a Stucco house – making it in many ways a faraday cage – that is not RF friendly to the PIRs I have outside. Prior to this I could not receive from any of the DM10’s outside unless I had an X10 RF receiver right by the window, and then intermittently. With this unit, I am able to pick up the DM10’s easily without doing anything special. ... I think this thing is a much more robust unit than the MR26.

John Sievert

WOW is all I have to say about the W800!!!!!!!!!
I installed my new W800 today and didn't even stick the antenna up very well and man does it blow the MR26 away for distance. I am so glad I got one now. This is HANDS down way better!!!!


You will throw rocks at your MR26 after using the W800 for 10 minutes.


Wow! Easy install. Plug-in works great. I was using 5 transceivers in our 3700 square foot brick and wood two story home. Before, I could only get a few feet from the house and a palmpad would stop working. Now, I get about 25 feet outside the house and no longer need to use strategically placed transceivers for outside motion detectors.


Just got my W800RF32A, I can pickup signals from the x-10 credit card (KR22A) outside in my yard, thru 3 walls, when the MR26A didnít even work in the next room.

Paul Myers